I have been a board certified Gastroenterologist and liver disease specialist for over 15 years. From the beginning I have learned that it is not only important to be a specialist in my field but, to also place value on the patient-physician relationship.

Having the advantage of remaining in solo practice, I can maintain a high level of quality and individualization. My patients and I can still maintain a relationship without the eroding effects of the ongoing institutionalization of healthcare.

My philosophy starts with actually listening to my patients carefully and achieving an individualized plan for their treatment and testing. I care about my patients and start that process by realizing that your time is also valuable. I do not slot patients into impossible appointment times and therefore, I would never allow my patients to wait for long periods of time in the waiting room.

My office is an accredited facility for Office-Based Surgery. This allows me to perform colonoscopies and endoscopies in a comfortable, non-threatening office suite. I have an on-site anesthesiologist and a staff that reflects my genuine care for my patients.

This accreditation involves an on-going yearly process of maintaining excellent standards.